Topical Island Sailing Adventures Aboard The Suwan Macha From Phuket

Topical Island Sailing Adventures Aboard The Suwan Macha From Phuket

Visualize this! A sun-soaked glistening sea of green scattered abundantly with exotic islands streaked with powder-white sandy beaches and harboring unseen lagoons and secret coves. Sounds like a fantasy land, a scene from Peter Pan but this is the sailing ground for a four day sailing adventure aboard the Suwan Macha in Thailand; paradise it is, fable it is not.

This brief cruise vacation requires locations aboard the Suwan Macha, an Asian rigged conventional junk with characteristic red sails that these days navigates a direction from Phuket Thailand to Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands ahead of reversing her cruise to go back to Phuket with a new set of lucky island hoppers more than one more four day relaxing household cruise amongst the off-lying exotic islands of Phuket.

The Suwan Macha With five cabins, the Suwan Macha can host up to ten consumers and sails with a seasoned skipper and crew. Factors are private, slightly intimate but casual aboard this standard junk which combines Oriental planet allure with Western creature comforts.

The Suwan Macha just emphasizes the fantasy-like backdrop and hunting at the boat is virtually dream-like as this magnificent Oriental yacht sails imposingly atop the green ocean portraying an utterly ageless profile of lines and distinct colours. Several travellers to Thailand flock to Phuket annually and some of individuals take to the seas to pay a visit to the surfeit of off-lying islands on day trips or on reside-aboard dive boats but not Several get the chance to knowledge this tropical island boat trip cost-free from the crowds and in comprehensive harmony with the surroundings.

Even though salvagers have trolled the seas for buried treasure, the Suwan Macha is a treasure in itself and a junk sailing cruise that requires you to discover and explore all-natural treasures like hidden lagoons, secret sandy coves, mangrove forests and a little neighborhood of Sea Gypsies that nonetheless exist segregated and independent from the common population of Thailand.

Suwan Macha Adventure Sailing This tropical island sailing cruise can be carried out from Phuket to Phang Nga Bay and onto Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands or in reverse; the former departs on Saturdays and the latter on Tuesdays but either way the cruise starts from the front door of your Phuket hotel. If you select the reverse cruise we gather you from your hotel and take you to the ferry which whisks you from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands exactly where you will board the Suwan Macha.

Cast off, Castaway and James Bond (Day one particular) But lets leave from your Phuket hotel and join the Suwan Macha following a brief drive to the Phuket Yacht Haven exactly where she is moored. Departure time is 2pm and you will be onboard with a lot of time to spare. Mooring lines are cast-off and the Suwan Macha plots a route for Phang Nga Bay weaving her way via towering islands and edging ever closer to the ever well-liked James Bond island that was place firmly on the chart in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). Otherwise recognized as Koh Tapu the island is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park and soon after taking time to discover the island the day trippers flee for house leaving the Suwan Macha in tranquil harmony. Drop anchor, kick back and prepare for a image postcard sunset just before enjoying a feast of Thai food for dinner taken on the teak decks.

Sea Gypsys, Hidden Lagoons and Powder White Beaches (Day 2) There is absolutely nothing fairly like waking up on a sailing yacht (or junk!), coming up on deck to knowledge Nature in all her glory and in among the rock karsts of Ao Phang Nga National Park, the visual effect is breathtaking. Breakfast is served on-deck just before guests are invited to discover a exclusive Sea Gypsy Village and expertise a boat ride by way of the mangroves searching for hidden lagoons.

Soon after going to the Sea Gypsys, cruise onwards and southwards to the clear azure waters of Krabi. This is time to stretch out on the sun-soaked decks Even though enjoying icy cold cocktails and the panoramic splendour of the tropical seascape. Nowadays also illustrates the true advantage of yacht sailing as the Suwan Macha discovers deserted powder-white beaches for swimming, snorkeling and some individual sun-bathing.

As the afternoon draws to an end guests are treated to their second Andaman Sea Sunset followed by a table laden with Thai Food to enjoy beneath the stars on-deck.

Yacht Sailing from Krabi to the Phi Phi Islands (Day three) yet another morning, an additional anchorage, one more feast for the senses topped-up with breakfast on-deck! The theme currently is Tropical Island hopping. The final destination is Koh Phi Phi but amongst there and the anchorage in Krabi are scattered A lot of small islands and possibilities to snorkel, swim and sunbathe take place in series.

Obtaining arrived at Koh Phi Phi, guests have a opportunity to go ashore to discover just before returning to yacht in time to catch their final Andaman sunset aboard the Suwan Macha followed by the now ubiquitous smorgasbord of Thai food served up on-deck.

The Beach, the Bay and Return (Day four) As Koh Tapu became a magnet for tourism immediately after becoming featured in The Man with the Golden Gun, Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley seduced viewers by its amazing, hypnotic and mesmerizing beauty when it became the backdrop in the 2000 drama film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Maya Bay is the final destination for the Suwan Macha four day cruise.

Sadly Maya Bay now attracts boatload soon after boatload of tourists on a every day basis who descend on The Beach for a glimpse of paradise. Getting anchored in close proximity, the Suwan Macha has the upper-hand Whilst and by creating an early morning pay a visit to guests are spared the lifejacket-clad hordes.

Immediately after going to Maya Bay and exploring the cave guests of the Suwan Macha enjoy lunch on Koh Phi Phi just before returning to Phuket by ferry.

Sailing Adventures from Phuket Phuket, Thailands biggest island, is bathed by the Andaman Sea. Most travellers know Phuket for its entertainment worth and it resounds with possibilities for adventure sports, eco adventures and recreational activities, embracing each water sports and outdoor adventures on land. Phuket is also acclaimed for its nightlife, in locations a smaller decadent, but that scene is contained and effortlessly avoided if neon lights and gyrating bodies are not your scene and Phuket has a positively epicurean side.

Inaugurated in 1987, the yearly Kings Cup Regatta thrust Phuket into getting the capital of Yacht Sailing in Asia and it continues to be the biggest and most preferred regatta in the area nowadays. And in the wake of the Kings Cup Regatta leisure sailing has boomed with personal yacht ownership, flotilla sailing holidays, corporate sailing and sailing colleges all now supplied all-year-round, Even though November by way of to April is the principle Phuket Yacht Sailing season.

Needless to say, the sailing grounds in close proximity to Phuket are extraordinarily lovely. Dont count on Fastnet or Sydney to Hobart situations but if you are hunting gentle sailing vacations that offer you island hopping and adventure sailing in abundance then Phuket Sailing Vacations make for a rather inspired option to the far more standard Phuket holiday formula. Sailing holidays in this region are also excellent for Households with youngsters and offer you endless entertainment with swimming, snorkeling and island adventures each and day-to-day.

The Suwan Macha is but one particular alternative exactly where Phuket sailing holidays are concerned and this authentically shaped, Asian rigged regular junk, exuding oriental planet charm but with adequate Western creature comforts, is a great platform for loved ones cruises in and about the islands and she can also be chartered outright.

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