Is All Inclusive Worth It?

All inclusive is becoming an increasingly popular style of holiday. But is it really worth it?

That question depends very much on what you intend to do when you reach your resort. All inclusive holidays typically mean that all of your meals, snacks and drinks are included in the cost of your hotel booking. So if you plan to spend most of your time in or near the hotel or on the nearest beach, then it’s probably a good fit for you. It’s especially beneficial for families as it means that kids can enjoy soft drinks and snacks throughout the day – perfect for those with a penchant for ice creams or pop!

What’s more, most all inclusive hotels have an extensive buffet menu that can cater to even the fussiest of eaters, perfect for youngsters who like to stick to what they know.

However if you’re the type of holidaymaker who prefers to get out and about during your stay, perhaps going out on day trips with a hire car and eating out in different restaurants, then all inclusive probably won’t be worth it. You’ll end up missing numerous meals and by the time you have spent money on eating out, you might just as well have booked a self-catering apartment and cooked for yourself. So it all depends on your style of holiday.

All inclusive might be growing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean your choice is limited. Most hotels – whether you’re booking a year in advance or opting for cheap last minute holidays – will often provide a series of catering arrangements complete with pricing details. In many cases, large hotels will offer numerous choices such as room-only, bed and breakfast, half board (usually breakfast and dinner), or all inclusive. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and choosing the right option for you.

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