Shanghai Expo Tips & Faqs, Shanghai World Expo Travel Guide

Once the Shanghai Expo is going to be held?

2010 Shanghai World Expo will held from May first to October 31st, 2010 in Pudong District, Shanghai.

2. What’s the open duration of the Expo Park?

The Expo Park open time is 09:30 — 22:30 every single day throughout the Expo period.

3. What kinds of the Expo tickets exist?

Expo Tickets might be split into two groups, Individual Tickets and Group Tickets.

Individual Tickets might be subdivided into 7 types of tickets: Peak Day day admission, Peak Day special admission, Standard Day day admission, Standard Day special admission, 3 day admission, 7 day admission ticket and evening admission.

Group Tickets might be further classified into 2 kinds: Group Admission & Student Group Admission.

4. What exactly are Peak Day and Standard Day?

Peak Day describes China Labor’s Day (May first-3rd, 2010), National Day (October first – seventh, 2010) and Expo Ending Week (October 25th – 31st, 2010), totally 17 days.

Standard Day describes all going to days (167 days as a whole) aside from Peak Days throughout the Expo.

5. What exactly are Peak Day tickets?

Peak Day tickets are made to control customer flow on predicted peak times of the Expo by assigning dates, restricting volume and growing prices. They’re further considered Day Admission and Special Admission.

6. Would be the going to dates printed on all of the tickets?

No. Going to dates is going to be only printed around the Peak Day tickets.

7. Let’s say I didn’t go to the Expo around the hired date via my Peak Day tickets?

Should you did not go to the Expo around the dates printed around the Peak Day tickets, you’ll still can click on the Expo Park together with your tickets throughout the conventional Day period.

8. Who are able to buy Special Admission tickets?

The next individuals with valid identifications can purchase Special Admission tickets: 1. those with disability 2. people born in or before 1950 3. students with valid IDs 4. children above 1.2m 5. Chinese military personnel on active duty.

Notice: Valid IDs are needed upon ticket purchase and entry one ticket per person, valid for just one entry at the time of admission.

9. Who’re totally free to go into the Expo Park?

Children, whose height are under 1.2 meters, are totally free to go into the Expo Park with adults’ accompany.

10. Can One go into the Expo Park several occasions each day using a 3-day ticket or perhaps a 7-day ticket?

No. You are able to choose three days or seven days (Not the height Day period) to visit the Expo, just one entry each day.

11. Could 3-day or 7-day tickets only be utilised by the customer?

No. Ticket customers or any other people can go into the Expo Park via 3-day or 7-day tickets. But 3-day tickets permit 3 records in 3 day (Not the height Day) as a whole, 7-day tickets for 7 records in seven days (Not the height Day).

12. Could Evening Admission Tickets be reserved ahead of time?

No. To manage the amount of site visitors, Evening Admission Tickets are just offered at the Booking Office of Shanghai World Expo Park. Another 6 types of Individual Tickets might be reserved ahead of time via designated Expo ticket-selling shops.

13. Exist family tickets for Shanghai Expo?

No. You will find no family tickets for that Expo.

14. Why Shanghai World Expo don’t adopt named ticketing system and obtain the visitors’ names printed around the tickets?

It’s believed that about 70 million site visitors goes to Shanghai World Expo. To be able to ease check in-booking procedure, Shanghai World Expo Committee decides to not adopt the actual-title ticketing system.

15. Can a ticket-holder visit all of the pavilions within the Expo Park?

Yes. Based on the Conventions of World Expo, ticket-holders can click on all of the pavilions within the Expo Park, aside from some kind of special plans produced by the Expo coordinators.

16. Can site visitors go into the Expo several occasions in a single day via single-day tickets?

No. One customer are only able to go into the Expo for just one amount of time in eventually using a single-day ticket.

17. Would be the lunch covered within the Expo tickets?

No. Foods within the Expo Park require extra charges.

18. Can use Group Tickets on their own?

Group tickets are made to encourage organized visits and balance customer flow. The tickets aren’t readily available for people. Group Tickets might be reserved through travel agencies hired through the Expo Organizing Committee Student Group Tickets might be bought through hired travel agencies or educational institutes or organizations.

19. How could foreign site visitors book Shanghai Expo tickets?

Expo tickets can also be found for overseas customers through channels hired through the Expo Bureau in various nations and regions around the globe. For additional particulars, you can go to the official website of 2010 Shanghai World Expo:

20. Is the Expo tickets be returned or exchanged?

Expo tickets won’t be returned or exchanged after they are bought. Site visitors should browse the Expo ticket instruction carefully before purchasing.

21. Things I can perform basically lost my ticket?

The only real factor you could do this is to find another ticket. There’s no refunding or compensation for you personally lost ticket. Which means you must take good proper care of your ticket after your buying.

Going to Tips

1. Vistors must take valid IDs or passorts together with them because valid IDs are needed upon the records.

2. Customer will need to leave the coach in an hired car park and walk towards the Expo Gate. Electric vehicle are restricted and just open to Very important personel site visitors. The Park covers a place of 5 square kilometers and each day about 400Thousand site visitors will go into the Park.

3. Seven water-way entrances is going to be opened up for visitors’ admission. Near the Expo gate on land, site visitors may also go into the Expo Park via water-way if you take the Expo ferries.

4. Site visitors are forbidden to create canned drinks in to the Park.

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